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IELTS (International English LanguageTest)

Course Overview

IELTS is a universally recognised international test of English language proficiency and measures the language ability of people who wish to study and/or work in the UK.

Our IELTS preparation classes will help you to practice the different tasks you have to do for each part of the exam, learn personal strategies to do the exam tasks more effectively, learn some of the large amounts of new language required for the exam, and organize your learning.

The IELTS module consists of 4 sections. Each one is related to the essential English language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Both IELTS General English and IELTS Academic English share the same speaking and listening tests, but the Reading and writing sections for the General and Academic English exams are different.

Writing – IELTS Writing is different for both Academic and General Training test takers. In this section, test takers have to complete 2 tasks in 60 minutes. Every piece of information should be relevant enough to complete a writing task. Test takers should write down all the important information given through graphical representation. Examiners mark the test takers on basis of 4-5 criteria like task achievement or task response, coherence, lexical resource, and grammatical accuracy.  

The duration, word limit, and marking criteria are the same in the IELTS general training writing section.


For IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training, the reading section is different for test-takers. Test takers get 60 minutes to complete this section of IELTS Reading. 40 questions to be answered in this section.  

For IELTS Academic Reading, the reading passages are of medium length and they are taken from journals, books, magazines, and newspapers. The writing style of most of these reading excerpts ranges from descriptive, factual, discursive, and analytical.  

For IELTS General Training Reading, 3 sections are the excerpts from newspapers, books, magazines, guidelines, advertisements, handbooks, and notices.


ELTS Listening Test consists of four sections, each with 1 recording. Each recording comprises ten questions. You can hear the recording only once. While attempting IELTS Listening practice tests, you will notice that the questions are designed in such a way that their answers appear in order when the recording is played. You can note down the answers on the question booklet while listening to the recording. Then, you will be given 10 minutes to transfer answers from the question booklet to the answer sheet.


Speaking test is divided into 3 parts which last 11-14 minutes. It includes an individual face-to-face interview with the IELTS examiner. The test will be recorded for evaluation purposes. The module is the same for Academic and General Training.