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How Can I Work as an Endoscopy Nurse with Glo Recruitment?

Endoscopic procedures for the gastrointestinal tract are utilized for both diagnostic and interventional purposes. Gastroscopies, in which the scope is inserted into the esophagus, stomach, and first section of the small bowel, and colonoscopies, in which the scope is inserted into the large bowel, are examples. In these operations, nurses play a critical role.

With the rise of gastrointestinal specialists, there is a greater demand for nurses with practical knowledge and grasp of this specialised field of medicine. Endoscopic nurses are expected to collaborate closely with the entire GI surgery team, consult with relevant specialists as needed, and provide care in a multidisciplinary manner.

What are the responsibilities of an Endoscopy nurse?

Among their roles are sedating patients prior to surgeries, delivering the required medication to patients, and keeping the patient informed throughout the treatment. 

Benefits of Working as an Endoscopy Nurse with Glo Recruitment

  1. Rewarding – making a difference in the lives of patients in the UK while earning very competitive remuneration and bonuses for referring friends.
  2. Adaptable – work the shifts that are most convenient for you.
  3. Simple – quick and easy online recruitment procedure
  4. Exclusive – be the first to get access to the best selection of endoscopic nursing jobs available around the UK, which is not accessible anywhere else.
  5. Reliable – quicker payment choices.
  6. Supportive – specialist revalidation assistance and access to high-quality training and development
  7. Dynamic – work across the NHS and private healthcare centers
  8. Developing – access to extra courses on a voluntary basis to help your professional development and revalidation.
  9. Complete – An excellent service from a prominent healthcare recruitment agency in the United Kingdom.

Glo Recruitment’s requirements for an endoscopy nurse are as follows:

To achieve our framework compliance criteria, including DBS, 2 references, and Occupational Health, you must have a minimum of 6 months of experience working in an Endoscopy setting within the last 12 months and be NMC registered as an Endoscopy Nurse. Assume you’ve successfully completed nurse training and have professional experience in the field of endoscopy. If that is the case, you stand a good chance of landing a career in this field.

Excellent teamwork skills, adaptability, professionalism, determination, compassion, and commitment are all desirable qualities.

What endoscopy roles am I eligible for?

You are in high demand as a skilled endoscopy nurse. You can work in hospitals, gastroenterology specialty clinics, or endoscopic laboratories, and there are positions available all around England.

Endoscopy nursing’s advanced roles

Nurse endoscopists and nurse sedationists are two advanced jobs in endoscopy that are being developed. The role of nurse endoscopists is as good as doctors in performing these procedures. Nurses’ roles in endoscopic sedation have changed over time and are unique to each country. It includes anything from single-drug administration by nurses to benzodiazepine and opioid combos administered by nurses, as well as nurse-assisted propofol delivery in some healthcare centers.

How much an endoscopy nurse can earn?

The Pay Bands govern the remuneration within the National Health Service. Band 5 will be for newly qualified specialist nurses, with Band 9 reserved for the most qualified and experienced nursing consultants and specialists. For the least experienced, band 5 salaries start at around £25,000.

What else should I be aware of?

Several clinics, practices, and healthcare centres will frequently make you an intriguing job offer. Many firms provide additional advantages in addition to paying you a higher income than the conventional pay scale.

Many firms provide additional advantages in addition to paying you a higher income than the conventional pay scale.

  1. A welcome bonus
  2. Special annual payments such as vacation pay and bonuses
  3. Free training and continuing education opportunities
  4. Attractive employee discounts
  5. Private healthcare
  6. Childcare assistance

Full-time or Part-time Endoscopy Nurse Job?

Do you find yourself busy and stressed all of the time? Shift work, weekend jobs, and work on public holidays are likely a part of your daily routine if you work as a nurse in a clinic. This becomes problematic at some point. You might be able to make your life easier by relocating your workplace.

Do you want to work as an endoscopy nurse full-time or part-time? Both are viable options. You might be considering a job move. Perhaps you’re looking for a part-time job that will allow you to balance work and family life. Alternatively, you may be seeking work again after a period of unemployment.

Glo Recruitment – The Best Healthcare Recruitment Consultant in the UK

Glo Recruitment is a low-stress method to discover your next endoscopic nurse position.

We have job openings for an endoscopic nurse and several prospects for advancement as a healthcare recruitment consultant.

Although many job consultants prefer that you have completed further training as a specialised nurse for endoscopy, it is not required. As a result, you should be able to transition into this field without this qualification. Glo Recruitment has a variety of challenging and exciting career opportunities for endoscopy nurses all throughout the UK.

If you are looking an endoscopy nurse job in the UK, get in touch with one of our consultants now.

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