Nursing and Healthcare Recruitment UK
Our Vision
To improve people’s lives, one right hire at a time

Our Mission
To help 1000 healthcare professionals into aligned employment by 2025 by using an individualised recruitment process and providing access to high quality training opportunities
Our Values
Customer Satisfaction: We diligently work towards complete satisfaction of our clients by placing right person at the right job.
Employee development: We ensure continuous overall development of employees by virtue of necessary training, courses, workshops, etc from time to time.
Transparency: We believe in absolute fair deal in all our commercial transactions and conduct.
Team work: We believe in achieving desirable results by working as a cohesive unit.
Documentation: We strongly emphasise on written communication of all our systems, processes, transactions and other correspondence so that it serves as a concrete evidence and reference value in the future.






Our Team

Hema Ganesh


Tujen Ganesh

Business Manager

Dee Patel

Head of Recruitment

Musab Ghouri

Head of Marketing

Arnab Sen

Immigration Solicitor

Dr Michael Kanthakaran

Head of Education

Here are the core values we live and work by to be successful in achieving our vision and mission.


We are passionate about improving people's lives.


We are dedicated to matching extraordinary professionals to outstanding careers

Personal and Professional development

We place huge emphasis on personal and professional growth, and ensure our candidates and our team members have opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Customer satisfaction

We aim to place the right person in the right job every time, and for both parties to be satisfied with the process and the outcome


We will act as part of your team, and we welcome you into ours. Working together as a team is the only way to fully achieve the end goal of success for all parties.


We are an equal opportunities employer and work with people from very diverse backgrounds and experience. We expect that our candidates and staff are treated with high levels of respect and inclusivity in their new temporary or permanent role.


We are always clear andfair on our terms and our conduct, and keep stringent documentation throughout the whole recruitment process.

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